Rechtsanwalt Erdem
Rechtsanwalt Erdem
Rechtsanwalt Erdem
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Areas of competence

We work on these fields of interest basically in the same way as in our core areas of expertise, though these fields are handled more infrequently. Nonetheless we have partly as many briefs on fields like international tax law and customs and transport legislation as in our core areas of expertise.

The law firm Rechtsanwalt Erdem also acts as legal guardian in cases of tutelage. In these cases we are appointed custodian and legal guardian for people who cannot decide about their own matters by themselves. Among them are children, adolescent persons and elderly people.

We handle this sphere of work as we feel committed to social responsibility in our society.

Furthermore we appear for adolescent persons in criminal proceedings as well as for people who have to defend themselves in politically motivated cases.

The law firm Erdem takes sides with these people and we are on the offensive, when we represent their concerns.


Rechtsanwalt Erdem
Rechtsanwalt Erdem
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