Rechtsanwalt Erdem
Rechtsanwalt Erdem
Rechtsanwalt Erdem
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Family law

Right from the start we committed ourselves to family law - international marriage and family law.

We are held in great esteem both at courts and with many colleagues in regard to our expertise in international family law. Especially in Turkish and Islamic family law we are one of the leading offices in Northern Germany. We appear in court not only for Turkish and Islamic clients, but also for clients from China, South Korea, Thailand, Brazil, France, Denmark, ex Yugoslavia as well as the Maghreb states.


Our detailed personal in-depth knowledge of all areas affected by Family law is based on our far-reaching experience with the international aspect of this subject matter. We want to place this competence our law firm has acquired at your disposal.


Within the framework of family law many questions are posed not only concerning divorce or custody, but also in areas affected by social insurance, inheritance and property law. Also in these areas we can give you dedicated and competent advice and help you to solve your problems.


Rechtsanwalt Erdem
Rechtsanwalt Erdem
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