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Rechtsanwalt Erdem
Rechtsanwalt Erdem
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Residence and immigration law

Residence, immigration and citizenship law is one of our main areas of expertise. We have been giving legal assistance in this area of law for over ten years now.

In the nineties the focus was on the right of asylum and residence for immigrants from various countries. Because of our political and legal commitment our law firm gained great esteem both in Germany and abroad.


Residence, immigration and citizenship law covers not only the assignation of the right of residence according to German legislation, but also the conditions of entry and permanent residence. We have great expertise in all aspects concerning entry and residence in Germany.


Apart from the area of residential law many immigrants wish to be naturalized in Germany. With its political activities and legal initiatives the law firm Erdem has made a contribution to the reform of the German naturalization legislation in the year of 2000.


Rechtsanwalt Erdem
Rechtsanwalt Erdem
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